Co Up is a new kind of coworking and event space set in the South Pennines. A unique, entrepreneurial location seamlessly connected to Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield by rail and road. We are local, regional and global in our beliefs and reach. A city space in a rural environment - the best of both worlds!

We offer a professional coworking space to work and play in. You'll find a community of people who are helpful, genuine, skilled, professional, creative, open minded and supportive. We're ideal for freelancers, micro or small start-ups. Co Up is an environment where you can feel at home, have the freedom to try out new things, help one another and really flourish and grow your ideas and business.

We know what it's like to start and nurture a new idea, concept or business. Freelancing can also be feast or famine, so we've created super flexible plans to help minimise some of those start up risks of running a small business. Our creative space offers hot-desks, permanent desks and studio/pop up spaces on monthly rolling licenses. We also offer day passess for those who are more nomadic.

Co Up offers so much more than just desk space - we have meeting rooms, fully fitted kitchen, event and pop up spaces all available for hire to both members and non-members. Drop us a line or fill in the form below to find out more. You can also sign up to our news via the Word Up! page to be the first to hear about our future events and offers. 

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We welcome applications from independent, creative and non-creative businesses and individuals of all disciplines. Co Up. accept members on an application and informal interview basis only. 

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Our desk and space memberships are offered on a monthly rolling license basis only. Please enquire about our event space hire and pop up opportunities.
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